Friday, November 7, 2008

There's Something About Rosemary...

One whiff of rosemary puts a blissful smile on my face that could warm the coldest mood... has the amazing ability to be both sweet and pine-y. It's probably my favorite winter herb...

So without further ado, I proudly introduce my latest creation involving rosemary:

Yams with green apples, currents, flame raisins and (of course) rosemary...topped with goat cheese!

I'm sure you've gathered from my other posts that I don't really measure...I pretty much do everything right in the pan to taste and smell, so I apologize for lack of specifics with amounts...

First I chopped one medium-size green apple and balanced it with about the same amount of yam :) Next, I steamed/simmered the yams a bit to get them partially cooked, then drained the water and added the apple, raisins, currents and about 1 TBS of butter and sprinkled liberally with dried rosemary (fresh would be delightful if you have it...)

Fun Fact: Rosemary can ease a headache and lift the spirits...I know it does that for me!

I also sprinkled a little salt and drizzled on a touch of honey (you can decide what your ideal sweet/salty balance is...)

After all that, I added a touch of water so the mixture wouldn't burn, and covered to simmer until the apple got a bit softer but still had some bite :)

Top with a crumble of mild goat cheese and enjoy!!

Golden raisins would also be a wonderful addition, I just didn't have any on hand....this time ;)

*For more fun facts about rosemary: