Saturday, October 25, 2008

Salad Dreams Realized!

I've been working on a different blog for about two just doesn't seem to want to come clearly it wasn't meant to be my next blog, this is!

I have had an idea for an autumn salad in my head for months, and yes friends, this weekend I finally made it!

Mesclun with granny smith apples, toasted walnuts and raw sharp cheddar with an apple cider vinegar dressing (including a splash of olive oil and touch of pure honey) and seasoned with salt to taste.

Toasting the walnuts was really the key, it gives the salad a touch of fall!

The second salad was a re-creation of the salad I had on my birthday in Edinburgh! It consisted of butternut squash, mixed greens, pine nuts, fresh basil, cherry tomatoes, garlic croutons and goat cheese...

I cubed the squash and steamed it until tender but still holding the cube shape, then sprinkled it with garlic salt and pepper and let it cool a bit before adding it to the other ingredients. For a dressing, I simply drizzled it with a little olive oil and white wine vinegar and a touch more salt and pepper. The sweet squash is a divine flavor amongst the greens and goat cheese...and it incorporated my favorite colors, green and orange (heart and sacral chakras).


Heidi said...

Scrumptious!!!!! Fabulous creations Lee Ann!!!
I love the idea for your blog and mission in bringing together all your passions!!!! Kudos for exploring and taking the dive to put it out there and share with us!!!!
Thank you Thank you!!!!
Looking forward to more creations and getting an opportunity to experience firsthand your food fashions and healing circles!!!
Keep on creating and mixing!
Heidi xo

cneu said...

Oh that salad looks delicious! I'm grocery shopping tonight...I think I know what we're getting now!

Paula Brett said...

Yum and more Yum.