Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Chasing the Happy...

The Royal Mile, Edinburgh

When I started this blog, I swore that only good energy would enter here...so what to do when I'm feeling less than good?

Hide out? Not write blogs? Keep all culinary delights to myself for a while?

Post all ill will on Facebook and Twitter???

Well...yeah, I could do all that. I'm sure I have.

Or shall I admit to my readers that I'm not always, as my Friend Kim deems me, "a source of light?"

Well, my friends...without darkness there can be no light.

I'll admit that I'm relatively new to the whole "Puppies and Rainbows" world. In my more balanced moments, I fully realize that there will be some down time. I am still navigating my way around these waters and finding my way. I have seen what a difference love and optimism can bring to my world...in fact...it has brought me life.

Yes, I've been spending a lot of time in my cave...thinking and worrying about the "hows" and whys...and where has it gotten me? Honestly? With a giant pile of worry weighing me down.

So, today I am going to try to chase the happy...to feel the glee that I have delighted in in the past...and will again in the future. I will now have gratitude for all the love and light that I've been shutting out.
  • Love
  • My wonderful friends
  • My Family
  • Beautiful music
  • Sunshine and Rain
  • Scotland
  • Beer
  • Whisky
  • Cooking
  • Nature
  • Crafting
  • Knitting
  • Photography
  • The "Silly Hour" at work
  • I'm seeing Paul McCartney in concert again soon!!! Woohoo!
  • True Blood!
  • Acting like a 13 year old girl with my friends
  • I ordered the Waterboys album I've been dying for...through a shop in Edinburgh ;)
  • The smell of the fresh peach sitting on my desk
  • Puppies and Rainbows

A puppy on The Royal Mile...

Seriously...there's a lot to be happy about. What are some of the things that fill you with light?



Anonymous said...

Um, you didn't mention unicorns, sunshine, or lollipops.

But seriously, this was a timely post, because I need some reminding of all the wonderful things in my world. Like the bottle of Shiraz I bought today. Or the Saag Paneer I get to have for dinner. Or the fact that I have a great family. And a roof over my head. And I love the pics in your post!

Lee Ann - The Lion's Share said...

The Unicorns and lollipops are a given. As are faeries and hopscotch... :)

Brandi said...

nothing about my joyful world is full of puppies and rainbows. :-)

to me, being positive and joyful doesn't mean sticking your head in the sand and pretending stuff is okay when it's not. the only way I find out what truly makes my heart sing is feeling all the stuff and then choosing more positive, affirming choices.

so no worries-I don't expect puppies and rainbows from you-just you. :-)

Lee Ann - The Lion's Share said...

This is what I'm finding...Although I love puppies and rainbows, I am not cut out for the Puppies and Rainbows world :)