Thursday, February 12, 2009

Pret a Manger to the Rescue!

I have to write about one of my favorite lunch spots...Pret a Manger. They have delicious sandwiches and salads all made with natural ingredients...even their beverages (my favorite is Yoga Bunny) are awesome.

Today, I cheated on Pret by getting a pre-made chef salad at a cafe/deli near my office and I regretted it immediately upon opening the salad.

Not to get bogged down in negativity towards the deli (their salads are tasty when made fresh), because this blog is only to be used for good, but the salad had processed cheese and dressing...and it started to make me feel less than good...

After trying my hardest to eat the salad (since I paid for it), I tossed it and went down to Pret. I bought their roast beef on a baguette, a blueberry/pomegranate yogurt drink and a "Love Bite" (dark chocolate with coconut & walnuts).

The difference between the roast beef in the salad and the sandwich was disturbing...the color and taste...Pret's reminded me what it should taste like.

One thing about eating well/ will forever taste the chemicals in the food you used to enjoy...sometimes it can be a mixed blessing, like when you go to eat candy you loved as a child and now all you taste is red dye #40.

Thank You Pret a Manger for saving my lunch today...I'll never stray again...


Happy/healthy eating everyone!


Madame K said...

It's true. When you go fresha and healthy you can never go back to pre-made and artificial. So long, Wendy's hello Pret. :)

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about being able to taste the chemicals in the food. I'm eating healthier every day and won't go back.

Love your blog!...and glad to have found it through Brandi's.

I'll be back to visit again chickie!