Friday, February 27, 2009

Serenity Now!

I made that phrase my status on Facebook this morning.

I have had one of those weeks where enough little things go wrong that they begin to build up and stress you out. Nothing earth shattering, but stressful nonetheless...

Luckily I had a lot of little good things happen to even these out (getting to the supermarket right before it closed last night and finding they had one six pack of Bellhaven Scottish Ale left) ...but to tell the truth, it was the moment I laughingly uttered the above status phrase...and put it down in virtual ink, that my week turned around.

I try very hard these days to turn negatives into last night I started stressing about a seemingly lost Urban Organic order ( and it continued on this morning as I ran out the door to do an errand and go to work. The errand left me with a heavy bag, so I returned home...and as I was walking away from my building, again, I called my Super and found out he had the box! Huzzah! I decided to go home again and get the box so my beloved produce wouldn't perish. I was rewarded with gorgeous beets, red onions, carrots...etc.

I was, at this point, running late (running could describe my whole morning :)

I chose to be grateful that:
a) It is a gorgeous where the weather makes you want to run around outside
b) I got my veggies (and they are gorgeous)
c) I chose to wear sneakers this morning

I certainly don't have to worry about not getting any exercise today LOL.

After all this running, the Universe lined up about 3 relaxing Waterboys songs on my iPod as I finally made my way to the subway.

Serenity now, indeed...

And now...because he makes me smile...Hamish the Highland cow...

Have a wonder-full weekend everyone! XOXO


Jen said...

Have you ever read the book Law of Attraction? Things turn around when we put out the good vibes for good things...and things turn out bad when we think they're going to!

I have officially turned into one of those freaky women who talks to her cats, eats lots of tofu, and believes that the Universe is listening to us very closely...but I'm so much happier for it!

Lee Ann said...

I have read The Law of Attraction :) Yay to listening to the Universe!

toryburch said...

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