Sunday, March 14, 2010

Everyday Adventures

This week's assignment: Go on an adventure.

Monday morning I took a different route into the city. I had to go downtown for work related training and I decided to look at it as an adventure. I took the J to Broad Street which entails walking a completely different direction and the train is above ground!  What a nice change! I had the sun warming and blinding me in turn. I purposely didn't listen to my iPod so as to really experience the journey. It almost felt like I was on vacation since I'm so used to walking the same way every morning. As I looked around I noticed that the car was plastered with Jameson Ads, which is appropriate because my next big adventure begins this Thursday...when I fly to Dublin to see Ireland and The Waterboys for the first time!

Sometimes I get so entrenched in my routine that I forget there are other ways of getting somewhere.

I made a point of going on a few little adventures this past week.  I got a new haircut and indulged in a little red wine while at the salon, then randomly picked a little East Village Mexican place to catch up with friends. Then on Saturday I went into Times Square for Alice in Wonderland, got caught in a downpour, dried off and chatted for hours over Scottish Beer and a Salmon BLT.

Good Times.



me said...

A salmon BLT??? Drool!!!

Scylliane said...

Good to have break down routine !