Friday, February 11, 2011

Moving Along


I am deviating from my blog schedule today...this whole week has been a bit off with the long weekend and no food blog today :(  I haven't done any cooking this week to write about! (Besides some quick slow cooker chili with bbq pulled pork, black beans and okra).  There has been a lot of shifts and changes.

I've been noticing that a lot of things have been revolving around moving lately. My office has moved across the floor, my website is moving to another location...(more on that later :)
So there's been a lot of taking personal things back to my apartment...packing up desk supplies...

I looked at it as an opportunity to purge and to separate my work/office life from my home life.  I was going to say "home, real life."  But they are both my reality right now, no matter how much I want change...or despite the changes that are occurring.

So office will be office and home will be home.  With a few personal touches on my desk to make me happy but not feel tied there.

New cubicle wall

I've been sneezing from all the dust moving kicks up. I suppose this is what happens when we start moving things around in our lives.  We kick up some dust...and sneeze a little...but then we have a brand new view.

And speaking of new views...this is the last full blog I'm going to post here on blogger!  Yes, on Monday I'm launching my new website which will house the blog, my photo galleries, writing samples, Etsy link.  It will be one-stop shopping for all things LionArt Creations.


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