Wednesday, October 7, 2009

31 Going on 13

My dorm room of a cubicle wall at TV Guide Magazine

At the risk of looking like a total loon...I thought it would be fun to recount all the things that make me feel silly (in the best possible sense) these days.

~True Blood/Stephen Moyer/Alexander Skarsgard. Ah all brings me back to the days I'd go to the pharmacy in town to check out Bop! Magazine. The equivalent these days would be trips to the HBO store. Most recently it was when the Tru Blood soda came out. AWESOME.

~Our office's little girlie book club...mostly Charlaine Harris's Sookie Stackhouse series...feeding into all things True Blood.

~My Black & Tan, this would be wrong if I was actually 13...thank goodness I'm not! Black & Tan's are so pretty!

~The Office's John Krasinski...Jim! And of course, "JAM"

~"The Silly Hour" at work. We inevitably crack up about something at around 4pm...give or take. One of my favorites was Sara saying she was "racist against Werewolves..." It set off a string of hilarity that we still pull from. Priceless.

~Paul McCartney in concert = Giggles and smiles all around

~David Tennant as Dr. Who...oh boy. To be honest though, it gets worse when he speaks in his normal (Scottish) voice that I basically jump up and down on the inside all a-twitter :)

~The Waterboys!!! Being introduced to their music has caused me to embark on an album buying spree the likes of which haven't been seen since I "discovered" Terrence Mann when I was 15 and then The Beatles shortly thereafter. Terrence Mann inspired my friend Melodie and I to save up for a bus trip into NYC to see "Beauty and the Beast" and The Waterboys have inspired me to buy tickets for a concert in Dublin in the Spring. Being 31 certainly expands your ability to travel for your fandom.

~The Outlander series, by Diana Gabaldon, which inspired me to visit...


This started out as a funny little whim of a blog...but I realized through writing out all my little "silly" interests that they have shaped me more or less. Even going back to when I was 15 or so because I was following my joy and in doing so found other things that kept me going in a certain direction.

I think we all need to keep a bit of 13 inside of us :)



Christina said...

I don't know anything about True Blood, but that soda makes me think of when i spent some time in Romania in the early 1990s. Little kiosks at the side of the road used to sell cardboard cartons of "vampires blood" - neat vodka mixed with red food colouring. They cost about 30p each and were adorned with vaguely pornographic images of scantily clad female vampires! The first time I came home I think I threw out most of my clothes and came back with a backpack full of vampires blood for friends :)

The Lion's Share said...

That's fabulous! I know plenty of peeps that would do the same thing!

Anonymous said...

I think anything that puts a smile on your face and lifts your heart is worth it. :)


The Lion's Share said...

I actually have a photo of David Tennant as Dr. Who, that we ran in an issue, under a bunch of work stuff on my's a nice little surprise at the beginning of each week. Working at TV Guide Magazine has it's perks :) Have I said too much???