Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Iona, in the Beginning...

Trust and Love in a Basket :)

I was completely delusional in thinking I'd have the energy to write and post a blog a day here on Iona...so they are going to be on a sort of tape delay :)

I had a hard time falling asleep the first night here because I'd had tea after dinner and small computer issues...but no worries...all is well.

View from my Window the first Morning

Iona is already the exact experience I need at this exact moment. Last time I was in Scotland I felt like I was looking really hard to find my experience and afraid it wouldn't happen...I realized later that it was all part of the journey as a whole...the difficulty and almost desperate energy to recognize the moment.

On my first Iona morning, I woke up and delighted in seeing sheep grazing across the road!

Later I went to Sunday morning service at the Abbey and was really struck by the simpleness and humanity of it all.

Afterwards...I ended up drifting in and out of different groups of people...and I find that extraordinary since I can be very anti-social in certain situations when new people are introduced. I am very much at ease and much more open here with an attitude of, "What ever happens happens and it's all okay."

In that spirit...I've had constant, wonderful, companionship without even trying.

In that spirit of new friendship...a group of ladies and I went to the pub after evening prayers and had a whisky then walked arm and arm back to the hotel through the dark, spotting shooting stars and the big dipper!

Time expands here...I can feel it and am filling it with so much love and meaningful energy.

Yesterday we had our sessions, went out to the AMAZING island of Staffa and checked out Fingal's Cave, did Tai Chi under the moon went to evening service at the Abbey...followed by a whisky at the pub and then a few quick dances at the Ceilidh.

Today I started the rainy day by taking a very quick dip in the Sound of Iona with two Scottish men! Who'd have ever thought I'd do that!!! I'd like to think that I am at least an honorary Scot now :) We did a "Life Run" later in the day (sort of a Spiritual Amazing Race). At the end of the run I took another dip with a wonderful group of women from the workshop...the energy was completely different from the morning. I'm definitely delighting in balancing out my masculine and feminine energies here! Scotch, Dancing...you name it. And it's only Tuesday.

Two announcements before I take a nap on this fine Scottish afternoon...

#1 I am now supplying the "New York Optimist" with a special Lion's Share blog every week (the first one is something I wrote while preparing for my Scotland Flight)
It can be found HERE

#2 I will do my best to post more photos of Iona and Staffa before the week is out. I'm not making any promises :)

Now...room 8 is calling me!


Anonymous said...

Waving to you on Iona. It sounds magical :) There is a very special quality to Iona that I haven't found anywhere else :)

Sharon said...

I only managed a paddle in the sea up there...you're a braver woman than me ;) xxx

me said...

It all sounds divinely, awesomely wonderful!!