Wednesday, November 3, 2010

New Friends and Old Haunts...

Last night I had a lovely dinner with one of my "new" friends. Alison, from Edinburgh!  She brought me the above jar of preserves (which I enjoyed this morning with porridge and "Famous Edinburgh" tea). Couldn't have a better start to a morning...unless I was actually in Edinburgh, of course!

We actually met via the internet pretty much a year ago to the day, now that I think of it.  She co-runs Edinburgh Spotlight and had found my blog while I was last in Edinburgh gushing, I mean blogging, about all my experiences.  Since then we have stayed in touch via e-mail, Twitter and Facebook...and I even wrote an article for her website! It's amazing how small the internet can make the world.

We met up at one of my all time favorite places, La Lanterna, in Greenwich Village. I hadn't been there in a while and thought, what better place!?

It was possibly the first café I visited in New York City way back when I was around 10 years old. My parents and I had come in to visit my Sister while she was attending The Fashion Institute of Technology and she took us there (on Halloween!) I followed and graduated from FIT with a degree in Advertising Design 11 years later. I have introduced many a happy customer to La Lanterna since.  The panini and pumpkin cognac cheesecake make my day every time. I did not get my "usual" dessert wine with biscotti...opting for spiced hot apple cider instead. It totally hit the spot though.

I've been revisiting a lot of my old haunts lately, under new circumstances and not intentionally. It's sort of weird and interesting to view these places from where I am now. I have been surprised to find out that I don't really have an attachment to them.  It's almost as if I'm seeing them through new I'm a different person.  I suppose I am.

Last weekend I walked the same route I used to take to visit my Sister in Murray Hill ( I was new to the city as a college freshman). It seemed like a different city.  I once lived on that side of town as well and it was as if I'd never been there. This time I was on my way to meet friends for our trip to Sleepy Hollow...and they are friends I didn't have way back when.

Last night, was La Lanterna.  I went through a stretch in college when I went almost every weekend...and then at least every month or so with friends.  I am no longer in touch with any of those people. The café has changed a lot over the years and I barely looked around while I was there last night. I was more interested in the dinner conversation and luxuriating in my friend's accent.  I miss that sound! On the way to the subway I pointed out "Bleeker Bob's Records"...a place I went when new to the city, as well as the shady looking store next door called "The Best Back Rub...for women and men."  Hilarious.

Next thing I know I'll be directed to FIT, Gramercy Park or Hell's Kitchen.  All places I used to spend my time.  Not sure what it all means...but it's interesting.


*The minute I posted this...I got an e-mail from FIT.  Weird!

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Alison said...

Yay! That's me! Great to meet you and great choice for food. Just back in Edinburgh this morning, exhausted and some 12lbs heavier! Who cares eh? All the food I ate was delicious. See you in Edinburgh next time.