Monday, November 29, 2010

Looking Back and Facing Fears

 My heather plant now!

The Creative Dreaming year is fast approaching its end...although it certainly won't stop on December 31st...nor should it!  Life is an ever evolving creative dream, after all.

I started re-reading my blogs from the beginning of the year and wow,  how far I've come!

I started 2010 with "Cookies and New Beginnings" and then went right into "Creative Dreaming."

The biggest realization I've taken away from reading all of my old posts is that this past year I've been establishing a new root system. Now, I feel like I'm getting ready to hibernate a little after all the hard work and then the next step is to break through the Earth and follow the Sun.

There is still a little more than a month to go with the dreaming and a lot can happen in one month!

Pushing through that last bit of earth can prove tiring at times...and it can make you question and wonder and ponder changing your mind. I don't want to derail any of the progress...I need to give the Universe time to put all the pieces together and not change the game at the last minute. That's a sure fire way to never manifest! Paying down my debt and increasing my savings account have played a big role in establishing a new foundation.  As those numbers change, I feel lighter and less tied down.

I saw a distinct shift after my Ireland blogs...I feel like my sense of purpose gets stronger all the time and things keep getting clearer and clearer.

The clearest thing has become my desire to move out of New York. This is also scary...but a fear I'm getting more and more sure of facing. And it gets less scary every day.

I've faced a lot of fears over this past year and they certainly have made me stronger.
  • I've spoken my mind and expressed my needs

  • Created boundaries

  •  Spoken with people who intimidate me for one reason or another...

  •  Allowed myself to imagine life differently after being entrenched here for so long

  •  I've been spontaneous (Dublin)
  • I've shared my thoughts/dreams and opinions
  • I've started to re-imagine my website (which means I will be moving my blog eventually)

  • I've volunteered to write for publications

  • I've searched out and applied for freelance writing...but opted out because it didn't feed my soul.

  • I've stripped away very deeply rooted, but harmful relationships and forged new, healthy ones.

I'm sure there have been other little things that I can't remember...but they all come together to give me more confidence for going after my dreams.  Most of the time it's me asking people I don't know well for advice, help...or offering mine.  That's pretty damn good for someone who used to be too shy to talk.



Anonymous said...

You are amazing, inspiring and beautiful to behold!

andrea said...

VERY amazing!
and so inspiring to imagine what you'll do next!

MG said...

Inspiring and beautiful XX