Sunday, April 19, 2009

Good Friday

I finally made it down to the Union Square Farmer's Market on Friday...and bought my Rosemary plant! I also bought a little, but hearty, Lemon Balm plant...bliss.

I met up with my friend Krissy during this errand and we had a lovely lunch, Al Fresco, at The Coffee Shop. This happens to be the restaurant/bar where my Sister and her Husband met about 17 years and two beautiful sons ago. :)

I enjoyed beef and chipotle tamales, and a black cherry mojito. Sigh.

You can see my lovely new friend, Rosie, peaking out from the side there...LOL

Later, that same day...

I purchased a plane ticket for Scotland! Yes. It's officially official...I'm returning in October...

Then, after work, I went to St. Andrew's for an impromptu celebratory Beer...and Pizza, Scotch Eggs, Mini Butterscotch Ice Cream Sandwiches (on shortbread!), Cajun Fries....and then more Beer...with my friend, Sara.

It turned into one of those magical friend nights that starts out as a quick lark...and then before you know it you've been laughing and swapping ideas, laughs...and alcohol induced personal stories for hours. I got home at around 2:30am.

I love nights like that...

The Blurriness of the above photo is in direct correlation to how I was seeing at the moment...LOL... YAY WEE HEAVY! (Bellhaven, "Wee Heavy" Ale).


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Madame K said...

That was quite a "madmen" sort of lunch, huh? :-) awesomeness.