Saturday, April 4, 2009

Lunch with the Ladies...and Gentlemen...

I just got back from a wonderful day out with my friends Krissy and Sara. We went to the Highline Ballroom to see a wonderfully quirky group called "Conspiracy of Beards." They are a 30 Man a cappella choir that sings Leonard Cohen songs. There was a huge Bromance happening on that stage and I loved it! I've had "Chelsea Hotel" stuck in my head all day.

It was a wonderful afternoon. I got supremely silly while drinking a wee glass of Guinness (Sara and I declared that we aren't going to use the word "small" anymore). I was completely obsessed with the fact that my glass was, in reality, plastic and shorter than the Guinness can. It just seemed wrong. In fact, all the glasses were plastic except for the martini style...why do you suppose that is? And why am even wondering? No, I'm not drunk right now...just cheerfully spent after a wonderful day out with the girls.

I ate mini kobe burgers with potato straws and the house ketchup...delicious!

Everyone should have a silly day out now and then...and Spring is the perfect time to indulge a bit. There were new buds on the trees and lots of cute little dogs being walked...then we went clothes shopping. Spring has sprung.


P.S. Krissy has blogged about the Beards...Here.

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