Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Re-Connecting With The Earth

I had very high hopes of coming into the city early today and visiting the Union Square Farmer's Market so I could buy a Rosemary plant, but that was not to be (I overslept). No touch of nature today, other than my walk through the neighborhood to get to the subway. Tomorrow is another day, or rather Friday (which is the next time the Farmer's market will be on).

This past Easter weekend, however, I returned to my hometown in CT and took the opportunity to spend some time in nature.

Flowers were poking their way through the soil, birds was lovely.

Good Friday, I sat in the living room and knit with a beautiful view of the woods (it was a bit too chilly and wet to go outside).

*Scottish Rowan Tweed*

Sunday we had an egg hunt for my nephews. They ran around the yard in search of the colorful, treasure-filled eggs, practically knocking each other down in their excitement :)

Monday, I spread out a blanket and bundled up a bit...took my book outside and lay down to read. I dosed a bit while the Spring air caressed my face and the birds sang...all the while the earth's heart beating in time with my own.

It was marvelous.

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