Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Is My Inner Child Resurfacing?

I just got back from my lunch break, which consisted of me laying on the grass in Bryant Park and finishing the latest Sookie Stackhouse book (Dead and Gone).

The smell of the fresh lawn came up and enveloped me...practically bringing tears to my eyes. There were moments I wanted nothing more then to lay my head down and and surrender to the simple things in life.

Along with this feeling came memories of me as a little girl out in my yard, with the smells of Spring and Summer filling my senses, and completely taking for granted the bliss of it all.

So today I have gratitude for the sun, the breeze that touches my face, the grass that was my bed for a lovely hour, and time and sense to appreciate it all.

Oh, and I'm also grateful for the fact that when I ran back to the park because I realized my scarf (which my Mother knit for me) was missing...it was waiting for me...still enjoying the sun.



faerian said...

i think she is whispering in your ear! she will be patient with you... just be patient with yourself...can you think of what she is offering as nourishing you instead of challenging you...the scarf was a beautiful sign that all is safe and never lost...beautiful post Leeson!

Life Coach Jen said...

I can imagine myself there, too, taking it all in...