Friday, May 8, 2009

Re-Arranging My Approach

One of my Happy Places...Arthur's Seat, Edinburgh

So. After being excited over earning some income with blogging...It's not happening anymore. I'm trying to look at this situation in the following, more constructive, ways (rather than wallowing and eating massive amounts of Cheez-its):

1. This is a challenge to figure out another, better way
2. This is a lesson in how to do it better next time, and with gratitude over greed
3. When you hold onto something too tightly or focus on the wrong aspect of something...The Universe can make you look at it differently.

That's how I choose to deal with this. Which I suppose is the most important part. I spent Tuesday through today gettting to this place. I allowed my pity party and negative self talks...

Now, I'm moving forward. I'm sure I'll have my darker moments until I figure this out because a part of me is livid at how black and white others are being. I acknowledged my wrong-doing but I think second chances are important.

Maybe my second chance will come in a form wholly unexpected...and better! Let's hope for that.

Happy Weekend everyone...and Happy Mother's Day!



Brandi said...

that is a beautiful photo, leeann.

and you know what, this journey of ours-we all go down offshoots of the path on our journeys. Blogging just puts those detours out for others to see.

I think you are coming to this from a very positive perspective.

CrypticFragments said...

Hi stranger...are you using Project Wonderful ads?

So far it's only made me $1.16 but it is rapidly growing! lol

I get a LOT of traffic to my other sites thru this blog

Best wishes. Good to "see" you.

Lee Ann - The Lion's Share said...

Thanks Tammy! I'm going to check out Project Wonderful...