Monday, May 18, 2009

Knit One, Pearl...Well, You Know...

To add to my Domestic Goddess skills...yes, I knit. :)

It's a wonderfully meditative thing to do...and so old school! Anyone who knows me well, knows that if I had the space and time, I'd be baking all my own bread, making soap, and brewing mead and beer in my name it. I'd probably even give churning butter a go.

I became fascinated by the thought of being able to knit my own sweaters, socks, washcloths...etc! I thought I'd never have to go to the store again! Unless is was a yarn store, of course. That wore off after a time (I tend to get into things full blast and then they even off into a more realistic obsession...ah, past-time...) In the early days of my knitting frenzy, I bought a drop spindle to spin my own yarn (warning: it's not as easy as it looks). Someday, I'll have a spinning wheel!

Things I've made (after the chaos of knitting all my Christmas presents one year...note to self, "Never do that again!"):

  • Numerous sweaters from Stephanie Japel's "Fitted Knits"
  • An iPod Cozy
  • Socks (for my Mom)
  • A hip purse (also from Stephanie Japel)
  • Coffee Cup Cozy
  • Quite a few scarves
  • Kick Ass Gauntlets
  • Washcloths (to wrap around handmade soap)
  • A strapless summer top (Fitted Knits)

In production:

  • Orange neck warmer (pictured at beginning of blog)
  • Cabled, wool coffee cup cozy!
  • Felted slippers in Scottish Rowan Tweed:

Felted panels

I think it's important to note that you can make some very stylish and fun things!

I love listening to my iPod and knitting on the Subway...then you get a dual distraction ;) and it makes the trip fly by.

There's something about yarn, wool in particular, that really calls to me. The coziness of it...I've had an affinity for all things wool for a long time...and cables? Swoon. :)

I'm going to be putting some knitted items (such as coffee cup & iPod cozies and yoga mat bags) up on Etsy, as soon as I get my page back in stay tuned!



Anonymous said...

I'm like you!
I get into something and I'm 8CRAZY* about it at first!


Anonymous said...

My mom taught me how to knit last year - she's basically still a beginner herself -- but she taught me the basics and I have a really good dvd that's taught me more. I've made a bunch of scarves for Christmas last year and I'm working on my first baby blanket. I haven't tried clothes yet though. Will have to give that a go.

Madame K said...

I will PAY YOU for some gauntlets. I swear to GAWD!