Thursday, July 9, 2009

Letting The Love Flood In...

A lot is going on in Lion Land!

So...where to start?

I went to CT for the 4th of July...and there were some lovely moments. Spending time out in the yard behind my Mom's house...watching fireworks, making S'Mores, and walking barefoot on the beach, hugging my adorable nephews, spending Sunday with my Cousin Elana (aka Sweet E) and her hubby...and beer...of course. My Mother even tried some beer (Blue Moon).

My gorgeous Black and Tan @ The Black Sheep in my hometown: Niantic, CT

Tuesday I was alerted to Waterboys tickets...for special Dublin Shows in March of 2010.

Boo hoo right? Wrong!

I was spontaneous! I conferred with my friend Krissy (aka Madame K) and Christina (who turned me on to the wonderful Waterboys) and what did I do? I bought 3 tickets. For a show in Dublin. And I am in New York.

Hee Hee.

And I am visiting Scotland in the Fall.

So I am creating some lovely seasonal bookends...Scotland in the Fall and Ireland in the Spring.

Now, keep in mind that I only have a concert ticket. No hotel, no flight, no plan...other than to be in the same room as and listen to Mike Scott, Steve Wickham and the other musicians that are currently making up The Waterboys :) And see Ireland, of course.

I think it's a GREAT (non) plan.

Today I got to work and had an e-mail from my good friend Jen entitled "Findhorn." Seems she knows some people who know some know how it goes...

Well...swoon. I have been thinking about/wanting to return to that part of Scotland since I returned last August...spend some serious quality time there because I ended up there "by accident" last summer...and it was clearly a place I was meant to go to. I'm checking out Iona in October...

I jokingly thought..."Wow. I buy Waterboys tickets and my world opens up!"

But essentially, I really do think there's something to this. I made a spontaneous, out of character, move with buying these tickets (and Ireland has been stalking me for a few months...I keep seeing ads for it on buses zooming by me while walking to the subway). So I will cheerfully keep insisting that all good things come from The Waterboys...LOL.

I felt lighter and happy because, in a way, I was taking back some control...I had started feeling a bit overwhelmed and in the darkness about stuff.

I had been firmly entrenched in the narrow thought of..."Going to Scotland in October...only have two weeks :( ...then back to New York...blah...blah...wah..."

And now...I'm a traveler.



faerian said...

this is life affirming heart opening pain crumbling stuff! Bravo!

Madame K said...

We're going to have an Irish Spring. heh. heh. I am so super looking forward to this!!

Lee Ann - The Lion's Share said...

Yesterday, while I was getting my PT/massage, I heard a lovely Irish accent coming from the next cubicle. I took it as a good omen. Alas, the man was still inside when I left so I couldn't see what he looked like! I guess it's irrelevant...