Monday, July 20, 2009

Re-Do Pasta

For anyone who doesn't know...I began an herbal apprenticeship this past Spring in which a group of amazing women meet once a month and for lunch we each bring a dish.

This past apprenticeship day I was in a rather morose mood and so I didn't know what to make and wasn't really in the mood to cook (gasp!) Also, my sink was piled so high with dishes I couldn't do much anyway.

I decided that I'd make a cold pasta salad of the simplest form: Corn pasta, cherry tomatoes, canned asparagus, olive oil, lemon juice, salt pepper...and I think I threw in some oregano. I also had some fresh Parmesan to grate on top.

The verdict?

It was OK

I think it matched my mood at the time...not terrible, but sort of blah, and I wasn't too keen on the texture of the corn pasta when it was cold.

So, after a lovely day filled with tea and spirits having been lifted...I decided on a re-do.

All I did was add a little more olive oil and lemon, the cheese, ground sage...and heated the whole thing up.


The sage lifted up and complimented the lemon beautifully...and the cheese, well...did what cheese does awesome...but it didn't over power.

Two big thumbs up on this one in re-runs.

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