Saturday, April 10, 2010

Day Tour of Wicklow!

You know when you let life point you in the direction you should go? Even with the simplest of always turns out to be exactly where you need to be. Lately, I've been trying to live my life this way.

This particular example was our Day Tour of Wicklow. We just asked the front desk to recommend a tour and in 5 minutes we were signed up.

Our tour guide, John, was like an old friend from the moment we approached him on O'Connell Street. Everything he said was something I needed to hear.

The Fabulous John!

Sara and I at a beautiful photo stop

Every molecule in my body relaxes when out in the open, breathing fresh air.  Staring out at the vastness and thinking about everything...and nothing.

The water used for making Guinness comes from the Wicklow Mountains. We were literally at the source!

A little babbling brook of Guinness :)

John and Sara :)

A lake of Guinness (Lough Tay)

My twisted love affair with photographing cemeteries continues.  This one, at Glendalough, had a beautiful wildness and energy to it. The trees were shimmering and the stones were glowing after the rain:

I learned that Ireland was a Scotland stand-in for "Braveheart."  It's like I've been living a lie!  :)  This is where the wedding scene was filmed...Gorgeous:

We stopped for lunch in Avoca, where Ballykissangel was filmed...


I wonder if "Cheesy Chips" are like "Disco Fries"


Irish Soda Bread...of course!

I would have licked the bowl clean had I not been in public...

Where Thomas Moore wrote "The Meeting of the Waters"

Us and John

Back in Dublin

My best friend's Dad nick-named me "Leeson" when we were kids


Thanks Again John!



MissMerrydown said...

Looks like you had a fantastc time. Photos are wonderful (as always)

Scylliane/elvys said...

I enjoyed so much the tour you're sharing with us - thanks for the pictures

a fellow creative dreamer