Friday, April 2, 2010

Saturday Night Out in Dublin

 Scotland/Ireland Scarf

Scotland was in town for rugby and had just won the game when we left our hotel for The Abbey Theatre.  So we joined the flood of joyous, kilted men along O'Connell street. Us on our way to the concert, them to the Temple Bar area for celebrations.

We joined in later.  I do recall making eye contact with a handsome Scottish man at McDonalds earlier in the evening (I was afraid we'd be late for the concert, so I asked that we unhealthily eat some quick fries there). I had an idea that it would be hilarious to travel to different countries and only eat at McDonalds...or Burger King...and then blog about it. But I digress.

In high spirits after The Waterboys show, we made our way to the Temple Bar area and found a bar where the whole crowd was singing along to "We are the Champions." Scotland was in the house. The jukebox then segued into "Eye of the Tiger!" Excellent.  After a Guinness, my fringe dress decided to make advances when it snagged on a very attractive man's pants.  I'm still not sure what it caught on but no matter! I was forced to reach over and stop him, lest he rip my dress.  He seemed rather confused, but not unhappy, as I reeled him in to unhook myself. He responded (in a lovely Scottish voice) "I thought you were grabbing onto me!"  :)  Hee Hee. Maybe my dress had the right idea!

After singing along to some truly awesome 1980s power ballads...we were off to another bar. There we met three Irish fellows...and one of them spilled my Guinness. Shame! But he bought me another and we spent time talking with his two friends. I don't think I've laughed that hard in a long time.  My favorite moment was when I was offered 50 Euros to knock the beer-spiller out cold. I laughingly said, "But I have no upper body Strength!" and the response was, "But you have a bar stool and the element of surprise!"  Priceless.

The evening ended on an anti-climactic note when the beer-spiller got kicked out of another bar...but we had all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

"All the single ladies, put your hands up!!!"

 The blurriness in no way reflects Sara's state...or mine :)

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CrypticFragments said...

great craic!
I did have to laugh at your comment on the photo at bottom though as one of my best Ireland pics is from a wedding showing drinks all over the table at about 6am the following morning...the image was quite blurry, and that's EXACTLY how everything looked at the time

have a ball