Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Self Care in Difficult Times

 Dandelions Collected to Make Oil

Another Creative Dreaming assignment! To make a list of "Stuff to do When Things Suck."

I found myself thinking about all the things that bring me joy and realized that I have a hard time doing stuff when things suck...unless "stuff" means sitting on my couch wallowing and watching 80s Spy and Detective Shows on DVD.

I suppose that could be #1 :)  

So I think having an actual list to refer to, or just as a reminder of fun, is a great idea.

  • Watch something silly or uplifting.
  • Knit
  • Make a delicious cappuccino 
  • Enjoy a tea infusion
  • Work in the kitchen and sing along to my iPod
  • Organize dinner in or out with friends
Favorite After Work/Theatre Spot

  • Make some medicine
  • Cook 
  • Sing
  • Play my violin
  • Read something inspiring
  • Write
  • Hot baths
  • Reconnect with things I used to love to do
 I hadn't been to a Broadway show in a while...Loved it!

 My Addams Family Mug/Spoon

  • Creative projects of any kind
  • Talk with friends
  • Photograph beautiful things
  • Get outside and wander a bit in the park
 Forest Park

 I spread a blanket and read for a while

 Tree Lady

  • Practice Gratitude
  • Dance
  • Have a *good* Cry 
  • Listen to soul-soothing music

What's on your list?


    ABCcreativity said...

    is is beautiful lee ann!

    faerian said...

    a beautiful list, beautiful photos - a beautiful person <3