Monday, July 19, 2010

My 15 Minutes

 My free hat...and well earned t-shirt!

My co-workers and I went on our second annual Staten Island Yankees game last Monday and it was, as always, a hilarious evening.  We did an all you can eat plan...and boy did we take advantage of that! One of us still had a sandwich in his pocket on the ferry ride home...though I'm not naming names.

We tend to get a little rowdy. This year we kept trying to get one of the mascots over in our area for a photo...which led to one of the braver moments in my life.


They asked us to play a game..and they needed a guy and a girl.  We nominated Rob and Sara but things started to look shaky when Sara found out she was going to have to sing.  So I stepped in and exercised my knowledge of old pop songs. We were playing finish that lyric, and I got "I'm a Believer"  by The Monkees. It's like the game was meant for me. What else could I have done?  I couldn't disappoint our tens of fans...

 The crowd goes wild

 Rob and I mentally prepare...

I know you've been wanting it. So I give you...the Performance:

There was a guy behind me feeding me the words...and at first I didn't realize what he was doing.  I wanted to turn around and say, "Dude, I got this!"  LOL 

 Rob and I return to normal life...

I found my reaction to the whole situation really interesting.  I calmly took up the call and though I was nervous, found that instead of being outwardly focused on all the strangers watching/listening to me...I was inwardly focused and just had fun! There was a time I wouldn't sing in front of one person...let alone be on a big screen, anywhere.

Go Yankees!


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Wonderful!!! Yay for you!