Monday, July 12, 2010

Domestic Bliss

My Sprouts!

I've recently gotten back into the joy of tending my hearth.  Spending the past couple weekends making yogurt, sprouting sprouts and knitting!  Yes...knitting again.  I can breathe.

It's been a little slow going because of the heat...and my refusal to put the air conditioner back in.  Note to self: Never live in the South.  I am, however, settling into the heat to a point where I can tolerate it and not be miserable...but I don't enjoy it.  Sort of how I feel about living in New York City :)

I actually started writng this blog on 4th of July weekend. The heat has sort of forced me into nap-mode on the weekends.  Maybe that's what I need right like a cat and sleep to cope with the heat.

This past weekend I had my Apprenticeship day (which is always a day I can breathe) and then Sunday was a homemaking day...although laundry fell into the oblivion that it always seems to in favor of cooking and catching up on assorted TV shows and singing along to my iPod in the kitchen.

As I participated in all these activities I started thinking about this blog entry, just sitting waiting to be finished, and I realized that it's very hard for me to relate my feelings about tending the hearth and home because their mine.

On Saturday I had a lovely conversation with one of my herbal Sisters. We were discussing what our ideal jobs would be.  I found that "Homemaker" was the most accurate title I could come up with.  Is that going against feminism? I think not. Tending the hearth is such a joyously feminine thing that I completely revel in re-embracing it! I adore making my own yogurt, bread, granola, sprouts, knitted items...etc.

Although yesterday, as I braved the heat and switched on the oven to make granola for the first time (and crisp bacon for a BLT Potato salad), I realized that I do resent having to squish all these luscious earthy pursuits into one or two days over a weekend.

However, I'm confident that one day the time will be right and I will find a "homemaking" position.  Until then my weekends will be very busy :)


Anonymous said...

Awesome Lee Ann!!! Did I know you had a blog?
It' beautiful and inspiring here, and I myself have been embracing "homemaking" in an attempt to get healthy energy cycles back. It's been so hot, and I've been so lazy, lazy, lazy. Take out food and laundry thrown get the idea.
Going to catch up on your pics and writings now......:) I heart NY....and taking my daughter there for her sweet 16 !!

The Lion's Share said...

I'm not sure if you knew I had a blog...I feel like you've commented in the past though...thank you for your lovely words of praise! I am actually working on a new post with some more NY shots, so stay tuned!

Please let me know if/when you come to NY. If I'm still here we can meet up! XO