Sunday, May 30, 2010

Patience Might Be The Key...

But it's so hard to turn at times!

This is sort of a post script for my "I'm In This for the Long Haul" blog.  I was thinking about it after I posted.

Everything in my life right now lends itself to cultivating patience.  Everything.

Patience for New York.

Waiting for my hair to grow out (this is hard for a Leo).

Slowly paying down my big credit card and student loan.

Watching my savings account grow...slowly but surely.

Waiting to buy certain things (only when I have the funds).

Every time I get a paycheck I square away the bills...budget out this and that...put money on the card and in savings...and then I have to wait until the next payday.  Fingers drumming on my desk.

Waiting for the new season of True Blood to start :)

Researching and waiting to find what my next course of action will be for Scotland.  This is something I cannot rush because I want to make sure to align myself with where I'm supposed to be, not just jump into something for the sake of jumping.

Patience is a very hard won ability for me.  I have been known as an "I want what I want when I want it" kind of gal.  And that has rarely served me well.

With all this patience building comes a lot of thinking, assessing and changing of ideas, which is sort of exciting to tell the truth.  I've been brain-storming my life. Since I'm in a bit of a waiting period right now, why not scout out the possibilities?

I'm trying to learn how to listen...then follow...then listen...then follow.  It's quite a lesson in patience. Especially during the days I don't seem to hear anything.

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