Sunday, May 23, 2010

Weekend Warrior

Fishies and Chips

This week's "assignment" was to take a risk. I spent all week trying to figure out what risk and couldn't think of anything!  I realize, now, that I think of a risk as something big and dropping everything and moving away.  Just a random example ;)

I have been taking little risks for a while now.  Such as asking questions, speaking my mind, and establishing healthy boundaries.  I'm still working at voicing my needs and asking for help.  I'm a little gun-shy still with that.

Some more risk has been involved with purging my apartment because I've been a bit of a hoarder for years...sentimental and craft-related. I'm sure a lot of you can relate.

I read an article about de-cluttering and it mentioned clearing off all surfaces; putting everything in a box to go through when you have time. This is exactly what I did! The result was a clear computer and coffee table.

I was really productive!  I worked on and off all day Saturday and treated myself to my version of a dinner Mom used to make when I was a kid: "fishies" with homemade tartar sauce, rosemary fries and a natural blackberry soda. Then I kicked back with some Dr. Who and Season 1 of True Blood.

Sunday was filled with more of the same.  It was really great because instead of getting overwhelmed with trying to get everything accomplished in one weekend, I took my time, still had a rest, and saw some progress.  I'm seeing how similar organizing my life and my apartment are...I can't expect either to come together all at once. I'm learning more every day.


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me said...

I'll have a wee dram of that Glenlivet with you, lassie!!

Micro-movements rock!