Sunday, May 16, 2010

I'm In This for the Long Haul...

Persevering seems to be the lesson I need to learn right now.  Not only was it this past week's creative dreaming topic...but I found the above fortune on the floor on my way into the TV Guide kitchen.

Magic, mystery and synchronicity are also a hot topics. Yesterday I spent a WONDERFUL apprenticeship day talking about these very subjects. Some of life's best moments are spent scattered around a kitchen with amazing food and life changing conversation.

Another thing that struck a chord with me was, weirdly, watching an interview with Jonathan Rys Myers. He was talking about auditions and rejections.  He said you shouldn't take a rejection personally because it doesn't mean you're not talented, just that you're not right for that particular role.

It's sort of like when the one you fancy doesn't share your feelings. It simply means you're not the right person for them (and vice versa). Of course, it's easier to be rational when the heart isn't involved.

So I've been thinking about all the progress and "setbacks" that I've faced or am facing:

  • This week I discovered that I can't establish dual citizenship with Canada via Great Parents...just parents.  But that doesn't mean I'll give up looking into it.  I was actually surprised by how okay I was upon finding all this out. Maybe I'm simply not supposed to reclaim that. It certainly doesn't mean I'll stop researching my family's history!

  • I admit that I gave up on giving Reiki treatments.  I bought a folding massage table over a year ago and started to tentatively put the word out.  I had one I gave up.  I'm not sure how to pick this up again but that table keeps staring at me...reminding me of the new story I'm trying to write for myself.

  • I remember sitting in a laundromat with a book called, "Creative Cash" years ago. This was before "LionArt Creations" and "The Lion's Share."  I still haven't figured out how to morph the two into a source of income but it's taken on forms I never would have imagined back when my clothes were tumbling around in that Manhattan laundromat. Currently this blog is a source of joy, so I know I'm on the right track.

  •  I'm also on a seemingly never-ending quest to find my way back to Scotland.  Currently I'm really into the idea of applying for School, although I'm not sure what or where I want to study yet. Edinburgh seems like the logical choice.  And I do love Edinburgh...

This could all change tomorrow...and if it does, that's the direction I should be facing.



Scylliane/elvys said...

thank you for sharing...
yes the initial burst is always empowering but you have to fuel the fire along the way...

best wishes for that !

It's a great step you made by admitting the thing you gave up

Brandi Reynolds said...

I was a giver-upper too. persevering has been an ongoing exercise. Rock on for keeping on, keeping on!