Monday, May 10, 2010

Spring Cleaning

My Apartment's Garden

I'm trying to do some spring cleaning and checking in.  It's slow going but I'm making some progress.  I spent some time, a week ago, cleaning my whole kitchen and watching videos I'd accumulated over the years at the office.  And when I say "videos" that's exactly what I mean...VHS!

I had decided to purge my video rack...but there were a few I really did want to see.  So, I watched a three part documentary about America in the 1940s and part of a movie that I really didn't feel like finishing.  And into the bin they all went.  I plan to work my way through the pile.

I also went through my shoes!  Even I'm amazed at that!

However, I still need to physically get rid of all of it.  It doesn't help much when you hold onto stuff that you've "decided" isn't needed anymore.  It still takes up space just the same.

All us Creative Dreamers were given a Spring Check-In Questionaire and I found that I was a bit muddled with the answering of it!  I have begun to get overwhelmed with my dreams and haven't been keeping track of them well enough to see all the progress I've been making...nor have I been rewarding myself for all the good work.

Spring Check-In

section one: where am i thriving? what seeds are sprouting beautifully?
  • Creative ideas for The Lion's Share
  • Paying down debt and putting more in savings
list: dreams for me to continue nurturing
  • Paying down debt and increasing savings
  • Bringing The Lion's Share to Scotland
  • Getting out of the city
plan: what do these dreams need to continue to thrive and how will i give it to them?
  • Keep budgeting and living within my means (gratitude for the money-energy...allow the flow)
  • Researching holistic cooking classes
  • Researching grants
  • Keep up with posting here
  • Get involved with creative pursuits

section two: where am i struggling?  which seeds aren’t coming up (yet)?
  • My tolerance of New York is getting thinner all the time
  • My patience gets challenged with the debt...I fail to acknowledge the progress and only see the numbers.  I need to celebrate the little victories.
  • I still don't have an exercise regime and feel very out of shape and tired
  • I've fallen out of practice with reiki
  • I would like a clearer plan for my travel dreams
list: dreams to plant again
  • Setting up a new photography website/gallery/storefront
  • Giving reiki treatments 
  • Yoga/exercise practice
plan: how am i going to plant them? what can i do to get these dreams moving and how will i do it?
  • Sit down with the photos again
  • Start practicing reiki on myself again
  • Start doing the simple AM/PM yoga DVD again

section three: is there anything unwanted starting to sprout?
  • Anger sprouts up a lot at the city and all it encompasses. I feel tense just walking out my front door...and at times the energy in the air makes me want to cry. That's certainly unwanted.
  • Feeling overwhelmed at times.
list: areas where weeding is necessary
  • I really need to get rid of a lot of stuff cluttering up my apartment so I can clean easier and have more space to think, breathe, exercise and have more time to relax.  More time to cook and blog.
plan: what will it take to remove these weeds?  how will i do it?
  •  I'm going to start by getting rid of the clothes and box of videos I collected.  It's a start at least.



me said...

Congratulations on your insight and planning out ~ and on your decluttering!!!
Hugs ~~

ABCcreativity said...

as you clear out everything that is no longer needed, i am seeing all sorts of amazing things flowing in.

Scylliane said...

Really a good checkin in !
Courage with the debt !
And good cleaning for spring !