Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Trust: Things Are Happening...

Bryant Park

Trust was last week's focus.  Trusting that though we may not see progress...things are happening underneath.  I'm "establishing my root system."

I thought a lot about how hard it is to have faith when seemingly "nothing" is happening.  I've had issues with this.  BIG ISSUES.

This time around though, I feel as if I've turned a corner. I'm loving how calming/quieting down my energy over the past months has helped me see more clearly and experiences have been flowing to me in a manner I can handle and be joyous within.  Even the darker experiences. I have found joy and inspiration within some of the saddest situations, which is amazing to me!

I try to sit in the quiet, motionless, moments and listen.  Sometimes all I hear is my heartbeat or the wind in the trees...sometimes I hear a voice that assures me I'm still "in the works..."

And that's OK.

There's a gentleness to it...a calm energy that feels good because it feels like me.

Don't get me wrong...I have my moments of frustration and impatience. I wouldn't be me without the odd question of, "Where am I going!!?" "How am I going to get there!!?

But I've been planting seeds and I do feel as if things are happening.  Every little risk, every heart to heart, every blog, every new dish I cook...gets me closer.


P.S. One of my little risks has yielded me a printed piece in TV Guide Magazine!  I wrote about my love of Dr. Who for our "Guilty Pleasures" issue.  Check it out!

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