Friday, August 27, 2010

Birthday Vacation and Revelations

The remains of the fresh, raw milk...

I've been on a bit of a vacation since my birthday and rummaging through my toolbox...

I went to my Mom's in CT for the weekend and enjoyed some quiet and together time with family.  We ate breakfast at Crescent Beach:

...traveled to Lyme in pursuit of raw milk at Beaver Brook Farm:

 The Wool Shop @ Beaver Brook Farm

...had lunch at The Black Sheep and walked in McCook's Park (where we heard bagpipes...I kid you not...) with my cousins:

 View of Hole in the Wall Beach

Long Island Sound

And to finish off Saturday, we had a wonderful bbq at my Sister's with one of my nephews taking great pains to make sure the candles were placed perfectly on my cake (awww) and the other being adorable as usual (they are both adorable, of course)!

Sunday I bought yarn at A.C. Moore for a delicious cabled sweater pattern :)

It was a really nice weekend...reminding me even more how I want to be in quieter surroundings as soon as I can manage it.

To add to the loveliness,  I've had a couple days off of work this week! I've been cooking and knitting and sleeping in...aaah.

I seem to be indulging myself right through the end of the month! I visited an acupuncture clinic near my apartment and then booked a massage while there and I just purchased a Creative Healing session!

My head is spinning (but in a good way) since I realized I've been neglecting myself in lieu of "PAY THE BILLS, SAVE, SAVE SAVE!!!" I seem to be making up for it. ;) The debt reduction and savings plan is still very important to me, of course, but I was beginning to lose my creative and blissful way. I think, in future, I need to take more steady care of myself instead of exploding with it all in one week.

I have also realized that I want to start practicing my Reiki again and eventually be attuned to level 3.  So I am offering short healing sessions on a donation basis. If anyone is interested, you can e-mail me for more info!

But wait, there's more!!!

I'll be starting Lion's Share gatherings...hopefully in late October.  I'm going to experiment by having a lovely weekend full of cooking and togetherness at my cousin's in CT.  We've been trying to do this for over a year!

The more official Lion's Share Circles will be potluck and/or helped along by donations (I'm putting a donation button, here, in the sidebar).  I was inspired by "Julie & Julia" because I don't have sufficient cash on hand to throw parties on my own. Each get together will feature wonderful food and have themes such as knitting, dream-boarding, reiki, etc. I hope these gatherings will begin to foster the sense of community I want to create (and enjoy)!

And last, but certainly not looks like I'll be returning to Scotland in the Spring!!!  I received word (the day before my birthday) of another workshop on Iona and really want to participate (more info on that in another post).

So, here's to a wonderful year of living and moving forward. 32 will be amazing.


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andrea said...

the energy in this post is amazing.
way to go lee ann.