Sunday, August 8, 2010

"Sing The Changes"

This week's Creative Dreaming assignment was to create a soundtrack that best illustrates our life the way we dream it to be.

I found this pretty interesting because I normally get drawn to music that illustrates how I'm feeling now...which I suppose could contribute to feeling "stuck."

So here are some songs from my iPod, in no particular order, that make up my soundtrack.  The funny thing is that with the exception of Paul McCartney and Mike Scott, all these songs are the only ones by these artists in my collection. The energy of them stuck with me and I had to download them!

I love it when songs "find" us...

I've made a separate playlist with them that I will add to and subtract from as I see fit.  It's good to switch to in between the Glee soundtracks, The Waterboys, and Paolo Nutini...  :)


Christina said...

I love this. So I decided to think about my own list and unsuprisingly we have a couple of artists (well one really!) in common. For the record my top seven would be:

A Song for the Life - The Waterboys
What do you want me to do? - Mike Scott
I'm going to do it all - Karine Polwart
Give it up - Hothouse Flowers
Bring me Sunshine - Willie Nelson
Three Little Birds - Bob Marley
One Way - the Levellers

But while I was doing it I realised that there is a second set of songs that just make me happy. It isn't necesarily anything to do with the lyrics, they are just songs that fill me with joy. And I think they deserve another playlist!

The Lion's Share said...

Yes! That's a great idea. I love "A Song for the Life, and What Do You Want Me to Do...gorgeous, and also on my iPod :)