Monday, August 16, 2010

Rummaging Through My Toolbox...

Creative Dreaming had us look at the tools we've been using to follow our dreams. "Are we using a knife to scoop salsa instead of a spoon?"

I discovered that I have been putting the focus on all the "wrong" things lately…which is contributing to unhappiness. Not good.

I have been focusing on money…the lack of it and where it needs to go when it comes in. I've been focusing more on the work that doesn't bring me joy because it's been bringing me money…in hopes that I can pay off my debt and save money so I can pursue joy later.


Thankfully I was recently reminded of all the positive tools I have accumulated over the years. What delicious timing!

I participated in a free tele-workshop last Wednesday and what a gift!!! I almost hung up when I found out we were going to have to participate…but stayed on the line and was rewarded by "meeting" two wonderful women who provided the exact words I needed to hear at that very moment.  I used to visit the SARK forum all the time but now mostly visit just for gratitude lists (which are important!) and to post blog links.  I've met some wonderful people on this forum though and I really want to get a little more involved again. One of the things SARK said that really resonated was that we have to build a bridge from where we are to where we want to be. I guess that's what I'm trying to do these days. After the call I decided to revisit the first SARK book I ever read, "Succulent Wild Woman."  A very good idea. Hell, I could write a whole post about SARK's influence on me!  Maybe I will :)

I have a park nearby but rarely go because I don't want to walk through chaos to get to the quiet…not sure how to work on this one. I suppose that's a metaphor for my life right now. "Walking Through Chaos to Get to the Quiet." I have requested some outdoors time when I go to CT for my birthday this weekend. I want to visit a farm and maybe do a nature walk...or do the Niantic boardwalk followed by a nice black and tan at The Black Sheep!

I used to get treatments on a regular basis and then became attuned to give treatments. I used to practice more...but have let that slide as well.

I had gotten really in tune with my emotions and having the "good cries."

One upon a time I did a little yoga every morning  

I used to take tango lessons and do a belly dancing workout at home at least 3 times a week.

Singing along to my iPod while I cook or get ready really sets me up for the day.  

Oh, how I would love to get out of town (preferably to you know where!) It always gives me a fresh perspective and opens my heart up.  So, since funds won't allow me to be in my favorite place right now...I have been asking about some local retreat spots...and my friends have been coming through with suggestions! 

And Speaking of Friends...
I'd forgotten what incredible tools my friends are! Wait…that didn't come out right…LOL. My friends provide inspiration, support and ideas that I never would have come up with on my own. I've been very hermit-like lately and feeling as if I need to go everything alone. Then I had a delightful dinner with my friend, Kim and a wonderful e-mail with my friend, Heidi…and then my herbal apprenticeship on the weekend where we strolled through the most amazingly peaceful place called "Pacem in Terris" and had a lovely picnic beneath the trees…and just today I was reading about my friend Christina's travels.  VERY inspiring :)

I suppose my task, now, is how to re-implement all these tools. I've let some slide, such as Reiki, acupuncture, dance or yoga classes, travel, and any kind of therapy/counseling due to the cost! My funds are still the cause of angst…as well as having to come into the city every day for work. I really don't enjoy the city anymore…even my neighborhood in Queens. I think I'd be able to enjoy my space more if I didn't have to go into the city every day…but that's going to take a lot of baby-stepping to figure out.

I want to start putting together Lion's Share gatherings this fall. All with different themes, such as knitting or dream-boarding…and of course there will always be yummy food!

I came up with a Lion's Share motto a few weeks ago...seems like another good tool to use:



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this is AWESOME lee ann.
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