Saturday, September 4, 2010


Making my way to the top...

Kindness and gratitude seem to be buzzing around me this week....and when I say that, I mean reminders to be kind and grateful towards myself.

My body had begun to sort of curl in on I was truly wilting in the heat.

It seemed I had come to another little period of questioning everything...and feeling frustrated and stuck and alone. soon as I expressed this to some of my friends, there was a tidal wave of love and support reminding me that I'm not alone.  In fact, it took a lot of the pressure off of me because I was reminded that since I've put my dreams out there, I have people holding them up for maybe I can relax a bit and ride on the shoulders of all these lovely souls for a while.

I feel much lighter.

What a wonderful reminder that the Universe has your back.  That we don't always need to be climbing that hill...sometimes we need to stop, sit, meditate and relish the moment and the view.


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me said...

That's what friends are for...