Monday, September 6, 2010

No "Musts" No Fuss

  Taken from my vision board, still in progress...

"Musts" can come in so many different forms...

A while back I decided to stop living my life according to "musts" and "shoulds." I believe that up until that point I'd listened to what others thought or what I thought they thought...and that had shaped who I was (or wasn't).

It's pretty ridiculous to base your identity on assumptions...and try to mold yourself into someone who others approve of.  It's draining and exhausting and you can end up somewhere you don't belong.

Breaking out of that was very difficult and painful at times.  It caused me to really step back and look at who I was and what I wanted. At first I felt as if I had cheated and lied to myself for years...building my life around fears and other people's expectations of who and what I was.

I had to shed a lot of tears and excess baggage...and unfortunately some relationships. But I believe that I am finally on the right track. I'm carving out a road that I feel belongs to me and is mostly a joy to travel down.  There is the odd speed bump or scary bend...but it's exciting nonetheless.

This past week I've been exploring all the "musts" and "shoulds" that can come from various places in regards to my goals and dreams. I had my comfort edge pushed a little farther, got defensive...and then got real.  I finished off the week with a wonderful creative coaching session and have come back into alignment with my journey. I know I need to move forward and make things happen, but the decisions are mine and right for me. I also learned that there could be other ways I achieve my dreams...I want to be open to all possibilities.

Now, this attitude is starting to make its way into my daily life...these are mostly the "musts" of having to have a perfectly clean house or having a daily yoga practice...etc. So I'll let the odd dish go unwashed or not do laundry one day in favor of relaxing. I'm trying not to compare myself or my home with anyone else's.  I'm doing what's best for my sanity :)

No more should've, would've, could've!



andrea said...

i love everything about this.
and i hope you will share photos of your vision board... looks awesome from what you have shared here.

The Lion's Share said...

That's actually a hold over from my old vision board :) The new one is in pieces on my floor right now!

me said...

This is SO hard to do!!! But the more I practice it, the better I get...
Hugs ~