Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Yay! Two Years of The Lion's Share!!!


I started to write a creative dreaming blog for Yah Dreams! when I realized that The Lion's Share's second anniversary was right around the corner.

So much has happened during my two years writing this blog.

I started with, "Today is Where I Am"

And where am I today?

I am in total joy and gratitude for so many things.

  • I am about to start having Lion's Share gatherings...which was one of my first ideas back in 2008 in my room at Newbold House, in Scotland.

  • I've been back to Scotland and am returning this April for another J. Philip Newell workshop on Iona and some amazing time in Edinburgh.

  • I've been to Dublin for a long weekend to see The Waterboys, celebrate and drink Guinness at the source :)

  • I've had a photo in a group show down on the lower east side with my women artists' salon (I also run the blog!!!)

  • I've been exploring my creative dreams with ABCcreativity...including some amazing coaching!

  • I wrote a little item about my love for Dr. Who for TV Guide Magazine and it was printed!

  • I'm almost finished with the second year of my herbal apprenticeship (also an idea I had in my room at Newbold...)

  • After a long hibernation period, I'm really connecting to and taking care of myself.

  • I was asked to write an article about my love for Edinburgh for Edinburgh Spotlight!

  • "Sowing the Seeds of Abundance" has been going really well. I continue to see my debt reduced and my savings increase.

 My heather plant is coming along nicely!

A lot of stuff going on here...it's so exciting!

Stay tuned for some info on purchasing some LionArt Creations.  I want to clear out my inventory and I think I'm going to offer some artistic treats in exchange for donations (see the "donate" button under the "about" section on the upper right of this page).

Thank You All for reading and sharing this amazing journey with me!



andrea said...

wow lee ann.
you have accomplished so much in the last 2 years!
and here's to the next 2 years being even better.

me said...

Happy Anniversary!!! may your dreams continue to expand!