Sunday, August 23, 2009

2009 Long Island Scottish Games

I had Brodies "Scottish Teatime" Tea with my Breakfast

Of course, I'd rather be in Scotland...but it was nice being surrounded by kilts, nature and the sound of bagpipes for a day. It always feels like something is missing when I "do Scotland" here in NY. There's a feeling in the air that I love over there...the history is palpable and the sky takes my breath away.

Deliciousness ensued with roasted corn and a Haggis Puff...then later a hot dog and fresh squeezed lemonade. It reminded me of going to the county fairs with my Dad as a kid. I also bought some adorable, tiny, silver thistle earrings and a black and tan turtle. I think my purchases accurately depict me...girly earrings and a beer tool ;)

I got all choked up as soon as the drums and pipes began to I usually do...and really enjoyed the beautiful sights of Old Westbury Gardens.

So here, in photos, are the 2009 Long Island Scottish Games, held at Old Westbury Gardens:


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me said...

Beautiful pictures!! The kilts make my little Scottish heart go pitter patter!