Monday, August 3, 2009

Old Friends

I went to my good friend Debra's backyard bbq in CT on Saturday. She is supporting the "I Live Here Foundation" which is a fabulous project.

I took a Subway to a Train to a Bus to a Cab...and arrived to smiles and faces of "family" I hadn't seen it about a year, but who are most definitely a part of me.

Yes, Alison and Debra. I figure I can use their real names here :)

Alison and I have basically known each other since nursery school and have been friends since we were about 10 years old. Debra is her younger sister and also one of my oldest friends.

I have so many fond memories, including being a witness to many "loving" Sisterly involving me being put in a headlock by Debra on their front lawn. Good times. The fights did eventually stop, thank goodness!

The junior high years that I've sort of blocked out because I hated Junior High...High School, Orchestra, walks on the beach, working at the Donut Shop in the summer, laughter, family vacations, sleepovers, watching movies in the basement, graduations, new jobs, emotional support (Alison was with me when I found out my Dad had passed away)...

I've had the immense pleasure of being at, and photographing, both these amazing ladies' weddings as well as making the invites. I knitted my first baby blanket for Alison's first child, who I finally met on Saturday...a gorgeous little boy named Owen.

It strikes me how many layers we have to our lives. We live and move on and make new friends and time flies by, yet certain things will remain the same. Childhood friends have pieces of each other that others will never share. We hold embarrassing facts for ransom and delight in retelling funny facts to new-comers. I will always laugh with glee while recounting how Alison and I tried to break into our vacation condo because we'd left the key (well, actually, I made her climb through the window in her bathing suit) and while she was half way in we realized it was our neighbor's and they were walking up the steps! We got away...

Real friendship is such a treasure and needs little tending. It's sort of like a patch of wild grows and changes shape, but is always such a beautiful thing to behold.

Alison, Debra and Me on Debra's Wedding Day in 2006


Anonymous said...

I love it!

Swee Pea dropping in to take a peek.

Friends are the icing on the cake of life -- just delicious!

Brandi said...

this is such a lovely tribute leann :-)