Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Butter Fixes Everything

Rice with "picked out" greens on the side :)

I figure I should post my culinary triumphs and failures here goes.

I had gotten a bunch of fresh garlic mustard during one of my Apprenticeship days and was told that I could make a really yummy infused AC vinegar with I did. I steeped the GM in the AC vinegar for a few weeks (probably too long) and when I decanted it thought I would cook up the pickled GM with some left over dandelion greens.

I sauteed the greens with olive oil, more garlic and a pinch of the newly decanted vinegar in a pan...

Yeah...WAY too vinegary and garlicky....

So it sat in the fridge for a while because as we all know, I hate waste.

I then thought..."Hey! I'll cook up some wild rice to mix the greens with...that will even out the flavors a bit."

So one morning, before work, I cooked up some rice and mixed it in with the greens...very thoroughly, I might add. It smelled it should taste good, right?


I sat at my desk, trying with all my might to enjoy my creation, but no. I even valiantly tried picking out the dandelion greens to see if that would help...

I had pizza for lunch.

Since the thought of throwing away all that lovely wild rice made me cringe, I actually picked out as many of the greens as possible from the remaining dish and threw it in a pan with lots of butter and a bit of white cooking wine (I was heavily influenced by Julia Child here since I'm reading "Julie & Julia" right now).

But I'll tell you worked. It turned my horrified-face-making dish into something a few notches above edible...and that's really all I was after.

So the moral here?

Don't cook up pickled mustard greens with old dandelion greens? Maybe, but also you can more often than not fix things and flex your creativity in the process...and in my case give a tip of the hat to the wonderful Julia Child.


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