Sunday, February 7, 2010

Celebrating Myself

This week's Creative Dreaming task was to celebrate ourselves. Everything we are, and doing, to make our dreams come true.

I initially thought, "Let me invite some friends along so we can all celebrate ourselves..." but as soon as the invitation had gone out I thought better of it.  It made me realize how, in the past, I felt selfish or undeserving when praising myself. I would dilute any pride I had in my accomplishments by giving that power away to others. I would simply hand it over. Lately, my mind has been revisiting a lot of things and I've gained a lot of clarity.

I'm VERY proud of myself these days.

The group plans fell through...or maybe it was just how it was supposed to be. Instead, I indulged in something I haven't done in a while; I spent a quiet Friday night at home and treated myself to gyro and a new DVD. Yes! After a tiring week at work, I found a vendor near my office, bought Lamb Gyro over rice, and carried it on the subway back to Queens. Then I blissfully kicked back on the couch with a beer, my yoga toes, watched "Chaplin," and allowed myself to unwind properly.

Some things to celebrate: I finished writing my article for Edinburgh Spotlight (thanks for the help, Nerina!) and my Lemon-Sage popcorn was linked to in the Bliss Spa Blog, which was a nice little surprise (thanks again, Julie!)

It's been a good week.

I feel as if I'm always celebrating myself these days and it's about time! The best part is that I'm doing it consciously.  I'm using these times of quiet to regroup and really get to know myself.



ABCcreativity said...

looks like a great celebration! and isn't being proud of yourself such an amazing feeling?

The Lion's Share said...

It certainly is! :)