Thursday, February 4, 2010

Lemon-Sage Popcorn

It seems to be snack week!

I try my hardest to make snacks I can bring into work (so I stay away from the Cheez-its and Dr. Pepper) and I've recently become obsessed with popping my own corn on the stove top.  It's fabulously old school :)

3 T organic popcorn kernels
1 T lemon infused olive oil
Ground  Sage
Ground Mustard Seed
Onion Powder
Sea Salt

Put corn and oil in a med-large sauce pan over medium-high heat and cover.

Now, you can season the popcorn one of two ways. Either add the spices in the very beginning or wait until after the corn is popped.  I found that if you put everything together from the get-go, the flavors infuse the popcorn more fully.

You might want to shake the pan once in a while to keep it from burning but I didn't really need to once I started using a good, heavy-bottomed pan. The first time I tried this in a cheap, and apparently thin bottomed, pan it caught fire.  So make sure you use a good pan!

Yields about 5 cups of delicious popcorn!

I love watching the corn pop through the clear lid of the pan.  There's something really vibrant and happy about it :)  And it produces this wonderful, light, savory snack with a bit of fruitiness to it.

It's great for a movie night!



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