Monday, February 15, 2010

Meditation Hesitation

My New Desk Chair

As you might have noticed, I'm a day (almost two) late with my Creative Dreaming post. This week's assignment was to do an affirmative visualization meditation.


I seem to have a very hard time with this when I'm at home.  For some reason I resist turning off distractions like the TV or music when I'm alone.  I get so plugged in that I can't imagine the silence. I really can't figure out why because when I'm on vacation I don't miss any of it.

So, in true Lee Ann fashion...I resisted doing the meditation.  I told myself that I would wait and devote the proper amount of time to it on Sunday...the day updates are due. 

Instead, I stayed plugged in all weekend watching sitcom marathons and the Olympics on. I even re-watched a tear-jerker I've seen more than once.

Through all of this the meditation mp3 was waiting on my computer screen.  While dishes piled up and I stayed on that couch.

Thank goodness for long weekends.  Today I have managed to wash all those dishes, do a few Sun Salutations, and finally sit down on my new stability ball to listen to the meditation.

The result?  An easing of stress in my heart and a smile on my face when I opened my eyes.


*This isn't the first visualization meditation I've done.  I participated in an Empowerment Workshop a while back (before herbal medicine and cooking were a part of my life) and we did one together to conjure up what our work would be...including our office space.  Mine was a kitchen.  Talk about crazy, right???   :)

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ABC said...

even though there was resistance at first - you did it! that is super awesome, i love how committed you are. even just a few minutes a day of unplugging and going within can help us discover more of the amazing-ness that is within us.