Friday, March 27, 2009

Following My Bliss...

I've been on a roll this week! Started out in a less than happy mood on Monday...and decided to send a tweet to Mike Scott on I bravely composed a very enthusiastic, but un-stalkeresque, note about how much I love his music and how serene I felt after listening to an album (Universal Hall) on the Subway that morning. I sent the tweet and rushed off to my knitting group all nervous after reaching out in if I'd just e-mailed a boy I like. I guess, in essence, I had! LOL

He responded immediately with, "Thanks!" and a little note about giving his regards to places here in NYC.

I was grinning like a mad fool all day.

Funny how a little pebble in the pond of his day could be such a cannonball to me! Though I'd like to think I contributed to a smile or cheery mood since, as my friend Krissy put it, "He's always contributing to your good days!" Very true. turned my attitude around....and got me back into listening to The Waterboys on the walk to, and on, the subway in the morning; this apparently helps keep me on track (no pun intended).

Monday night, after meeting with my Women Artist's Salon, I (against my more responsible instincts) went out for drinks at a brilliant place called Apotheke. It's a nouveau speakeasy! One of the drinks concocted for me was called "The Smoking Jacket" and it contained single malt scotch. I had to try it, of was aptly named...sort of reminded me of Laphroaig.

Tuesday started off with a Dr.'s appointment, in which my doctor lectured me about food and everything else I've come to believe in. I won't be giving her the link to this blog, that's for sure!
So, what did I do immediately after my appointment? I went out to lunch with some ladies from my office to St. Andrews, a Scottish (sigh) bar and restaurant, for a pint of Bellhaven "Wee Heavy" Ale and Haggis :)

*Photo courtesy of Heather and her camera phone!*

It made me feel warm and fuzzy all day...

Wednesday, during my walk to the the train, I saw a license plate that read, "LIVEGOOD" and thought, "Damn right" ...while listening to The Waterboys and wearing plaid leggings...

Thursday, I thought might be light on Scottishness, but then I found out that the newest "Outlander" book by Diana Gabaldon has a publication date! Wee! These books introduced me to the idea of visiting Scotland, back in 2004, and the rest is history. I also found out about a Scottish networking website, when I went to her official site about the book, called Panalba (and promptly joined). Then, I e-mailed Craig Ferguson (fingers crossed they read it on air)! In addition to all this, my friend/co-worker Glen (shout out to Glen!) said he sat in front of 2 Scotsmen on the train ride in to the office. Sigh...the weather was a bit British too...On the way home I snuggled up in the lovely rain hat I bought near the Grass Market in Edinburgh this past August.

Today is Friday...not much Scottish has happened today, besides my red tartan jacket and watching last night's Craig Ferguson (repeat) over breakfast...there was some kilt action, which is always a treat...wink.

The Universe is constantly putting Scotland in front of me, and I am always more than happy to greet it...Even my doctor was wearing a long red tartan women's kilt on Tuesday (totally random since she's Asian). Tartan week is fast approaching too...

I have plans to visit Iona and Edinburgh in the fall...which can't come fast enough...although I need the time to save for it!

I guess my point with this particular blog entry is to follow your bliss...where ever it takes you. Take chances and follow your instincts; basically, find what makes you feel warm and fuzzy :)

The first time I stepped off the bus in Edinburgh I felt as if I'd returned's certainly a bliss worth following.

I've Lived Here Before
by The Waterboys

i've lived here before in days of old
i recognise these buildings in my soul
i know each winding road
and every rise
is friendly and familiar to my eyes

i've lived here before i do believe
i have rejoiced in these fields and i've grieved
i can feel it in my blood
that i belong
to this strange and stony rock i stand upon

yet i cannot put a name upon it
i cannot place the time
nor see the land as it once was
nor tell which house was mine
no i cannot put a name upon it
which was where and when
yet here i am
a perfect stranger
home again

there's confusion in my head as i depart
but a singing, ringing, soaring in my heart
for beyond all time and space and doubt
i know
i've lived here before
long ago

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rock on brave you for tweeting him!!!

I totally get swooning over all things scottish...except