Thursday, March 19, 2009

Snack Attack!

Just in case anyone thinks I'm some sort of organic guru...

I LOVE junk food...once in a while. I suppose you could have gotten that idea from my Muppet party blog...but I did try and "health" the food up as much as possible for that event.

This week I've been having major snack attacks and I have learned that if I don't follow where my tummy leads me...I will inevitably become pretty angry :)

So, what did I indulge in this week? A trip to McDonald's, with a friend, for a Shamrock Shake (which are discontinued, gasp!) on St. Patrick's Day turned into a snack of cheeseburger and Med Fries (followed by a Scottish beer when I got home). The cravings spilled over into the office on Wednesday where I indulged in some amazingly satisfying cheez-its and, my favorite, pepperoni pizza!!! Pepperoni pizza would be my last meal if I was ever on death row (have you ever played that game?) Funny side note about the pizza (or maybe it's just messed up) but the pizza boxes were plastered with ads for an exercise device called "The Ab Rocket." It made me laugh as I took my second slice.

The icing on the junk food cake was a Dr. Pepper...which tasted like liquid gold! When I was a kid I used to always order root beer when I had pepperoni pizza at Papa Dr. Pepper was a pretty good match.

The best part? My body didn't rebel against me after all this because I didn't go hog-wild with the portions...just enough to satisfy...or at least because I ran out of cheez-its LOL.

It's so sinfully delicious to indulge once in a while. Sort of makes me feel like a kid...when going to McDonald's was a treat and snack food was fun.


Madame K said...

LOL ok.. so you wanna know how the inner psyche of a reformed fat girl works?? When you said "icing on the junk food cake was dr.pepper" I went "CAKE WITH DR.PEPPER ICING?? I WANT SOME!!" LOL

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute - did you say you actually FOUND a McDonald's selling shamrock shakes? Or did you go there only to find they no longer sold them? I'm on a quest every March to find one, and so far I've come up empty in this city. I should just make one at home, the recipe is super simple!