Friday, March 6, 2009

Food for Thought

I had a different blog planned for today....all still Muppet related (sort of)...but I'll post that later...

This morning I came into the city for a Dr's appointment and when I got there...the Dr. was still on vacation. Hmmmm. use getting angry, though I was understandably a little put I took the time to walk to work (from 56th street...where I interned as a college student...and then down past TV Guide's old 'hood at 48th...and then onto our new home). All the while I was wondering what the reason for this extra time was...would I randomly run into someone I hadn't seen in a long time and I was meant to reconnect with?

I took the time to stop for a fruit shake near Radio City Music Hall and my old office. I used to only go to this specific fruit-shake vendor because I liked the couple who worked there....and they were still there! I haven't been in over a year...and I wasn't necessarily a regular when I did...but they always smiled really brightly at me when I came by...and today was no different! The man's face lit up when he saw me...and I had doubted he'd remember me. It was so nice; instantly cheered me up.

I had left the Dr's office wondering why I hadn't been notified ahead of time to her absence so I could have slept later....and I got my answer in those few moments while I waited for my large Mambo Shake with wheat grass. We are all so much more connected than you'd think...


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Brandi said...

'delicious' post! :-)