Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day "Stay-cation"

For some reason I scheduled a dentist appointment for Saturday morning...which made me get up "early..." But I got a lot done because of it! Ordered new contacts so I'd have some for Scotland (I tend to prefer them to my glasses over there because the rain can blind me when I wear them) and got my spare pair of glasses adjusted.

On the walk home I gathered some violet and plantain leaves at the park for medicine making and took a small detour to the supermarket where I bought coffee "ice cream" sandwiches and Guinness Anniversary Stout (note: possibly the best dessert combo ever).

Sunday morning I was woken up (at a very reasonable 9:00 Am) by a phone call from a post-partying Kimmy. It seems she found herself in my neck of the woods and in need of some Lee Ann time :) Aww.

I threw on some clothes, gave her directions and we went to the diner for some much needed eggs, pancakes, coffee and conversation. I think it was just what the both of us needed XO

Then I got productive! I had let the rest of Saturday be devoted to laying around the house (though I did do some cooking...I'll post that recipe in a separate blog)

I re-routed my broadband cable cord into the living room and now my work station is no longer confined to my old office's bliss being able to sit in my tartan-clad chair or in front of a window to write and do computer stuff. Once settled in I started working on a new site for my photography (stay tuned for more info on that!)

I fit in a bunch of relaxing, semi-naps, a couple quick Irish folk songs on Myrtle, watching Sarah, Plain & Tall, True Blood...and numerous Biography channel shows (I now know a lot about Alan Alda, Bea Arthur, Betty White and Florence Henderson).

To up the cozy factor I made some old school (boxed, organic) mac and which I added some garlic, and Cajun spices...and a dash of parmigiano-reggiano Cheese.

...and to finish off the weekend (no, not another Guinness and coffee ice cream sandwich...although the night is young) I made 3 different plant-based salves! Comfrey, Mugwort and Dandelion Blossom.

It was a very nice break.



me said...

That sounds like a wonderful day!!!

Brandi Reynolds said...

oohhh...sounds wonderful and relaxing!c