Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Quinoa with Mushrooms, Kale & Olives

I found that I had a huge back-log of food photos...and when going through them started wanting to cook the dishes again!

Of course since I pretty much do things on the fly...I couldn't remember exactly what I'd done the first time. I will definitely end up changing things or adding and subtracting ingredients depending on what I feel like eating at that moment.

This particular dish is one of my kale favorites!

I bought a pitted Greek olive mix (about 1 pint) and simmered them with half a can of Muir Glen Fire Roasted diced tomatoes, about 1 clove minced garlic, 1 package sliced baby bella mushrooms, and crushed red pepper and Celtic sea salt to taste. *

While all that simmered, I cooked the Quinoa (1 cup, dry) according to the package instructions. When it was finished, I mixed it into the sauce as well as 1 small bunch of ripped up kale and let it wilt.

And to finish it off right, I grated some parmigiano reggiano cheese on top.

I have also made this with lentils instead of the mushrooms, and no tomatoes:

*The sauce also contained some dried Stinging Nettle and seaweed.



tolga erbatur said...

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The Lion's Share said...

Thanks! There's a link on the right (under the countdown widget) where you can subscribe to the blog.

The Lion's Share said...

You should also be able to follow through Google...