Monday, September 21, 2009

One Year of The Lion's Share

Journalling at Newbold

One year ago I started this blog.

I had been home from my 30th birthday trip to Scotland for almost a month and the blog was part of an idea I'd had while staying at Newbold House in Forres.

I was very inspired by the way of life at Newbold and the people there. The tone in the house, the food prepared from the gardens etc.

While in my room writing, I had the idea of putting together some form of a workshop that would deal with healthy eating and good energy...and to write a blog to go along with them. I envisioned this blog sharingt recipes, my thoughts etc. I also thought that I wanted to do an herbal apprenticeship (after spending time with people that had just worked in the garden) and last but not least, I wanted to buy a laptop to become more mobile. Oh yeah, and I wanted to return to Scotland in the following year (and as much as possible).

Even the title came from my trip. While in Edinburgh, I was staying with a friend and she made the simple comment, "You can have the Lion's Share..." and it stuck with me.

It's been quite a year!

In November I will complete the first year of my apprenticeship:) In August I bought my first laptop, and next month at this time I will be leaving for another trip to Scotland!

The workshops have yet to materialize...I don't feel like I have come up with a formula or solid idea for them yet...and I also feel that currently my energy is needed to tend to myself and my dreams. Hopefully, some day it will all come together though...I'm building the tracks ;)

I'm delighted that The Lion's Share has taken shape and represents a lot of the ideas I had while on my trip...sort of mini virtual workshops. I'm also able to indulge all my interests, passions and talents such as photography and music, which is fabulous!

I think I'm doing pretty darn well :)


*And the winner of the anniversary give away is...

Marlene N!!!

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Anonymous said...

I feel so honored, Lee Ann! And you know how I am in Love with NYC... Hugs to you from Brussels! xoxo Marlene