Wednesday, September 16, 2009

So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye...

Sunday I threw a little going away brunch for my friend, Sandy. She's moving back to Chicago and we're going to miss her so!

I took the opportunity to try out some Scottish recipes: Scotch Eggs, Oatcakes and a Selkirk Bannock.

Note to self: when attempting recipes from the UK, try and find adaptations that use US measurements. It proved quite an adventure because a couple of the increments were hard to convert (1/4 pint???) At least for someone like me who is mathematically challenged.

The oatcakes weren't that big a problem and came out pretty good! I used a recipe in an adorable little book I bought in Inverness, Scotland, last summer.

Oatcake Recipe

There was a Bannock recipe was in the same book called a "Pitcaithly Bannock." I had a hard time finding candied peel I sort of merged it with the Selkirk Bannock . I used golden raisins and dried orange peel mixed with candied ginger...and whole wheat pastry flour.

It didn't fare as well as the oatcakes. It was that pesky metric system again! I'm sure my measurements were off, and with yeast, that won't do. So far I haven't been a great success with the traditional bread recipes. The saving grace was that it was very edible...even though the texture was off (a bit too brick-like and dry). It tasted lovely with the "Famous Edinburgh" tea I served!

Last, but certainly not least:

Scotch Eggs!!!

Hard boiled eggs wrapped in sausage. I defy anyone to find a better invention...of course vegetarians might chime in here :)

We had a lovely time chatting, eating and knitting. There were also blueberry scones and black bean yam cakes and hard cider...deliciousness!

Sandy is going to be so missed here in New York, but I am so happy for her because she's been thinking about moving back to Chicago for so long! She's hilarious and very talented. Check out her blog and website to see just how much.



Hilary said...

Such a lovely thing to do for your friend ~ the food all looked gorgeous ~ can you find a conversion site on the internet? There must be something out there, us Brits struggle as much to understand the 'cup' measuring system, as you do to understand our pints, ounces and fluid ounces!! Crazy! Looks like you did a great job though!

The Lion's Share said...

I'm sure there is a better site than the one I was looking at for conversions. It kept giving it to me in milliliters...which wasn't much help :D