Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Yes, This Was My Dinner...


I really love this photo. I took it last year when I had a very unconventional dinner. Bellhaven Scottish Ale...and an acorn squash with butter and brown sugar. Just like Mom used to make! Well, maybe not the beer. Although I am proud to say that, after talking it up so much, my mom has taken to drinking beer! I suggested a Blue Moon when she wanted to try beer and she has since bought some for her own fridge! Not only that, but she is interested in trying the other flavors of Blue (Harvest Moon, Honey Moon etc.).

While in CT last weekend I found some Harvest Moon at a store in Mystic but chose to pick up Shipyard's "Pumpkin Head Ale" instead to share. I am familiar with it's tastiness while Harvest Moon is just a pretty name to me right now. My Mom was happy...but wondered why I hadn't gotten her the Harvest Moon too! LOL


Madame K said...

sounds like a dinner of champions! I will have to try it m'self soon! ;0)

Anonymous said...

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