Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Love for The Music...

Meet my beautiful violin, Myrtle.

I've been honored to share my space with her since I was about 12 years old. She's French, just like me...and at this point, pushing 100 years old. A true beauty to behold.

I began my stringed journey when I was 8 or 9. My family is very musical and it wasn't a question of "if" you'd play an instrument, it was "which one you would choose." Sports were never on the TV when I was growing up.

My Dad and Brother played the Saxophone (my Brother is now a music teacher) and my Sister played the flute. At a young age I took a few piano lessons and my Dad showed me how to play a few notes on the Sax but they didn't capture my heart. For years I thought I'd be like my Sis and play the flute...and then Mrs. Brown (our School's Orchestra teacher) brought a violin into my class. I was intrigued.

Being the stubborn Leo that I am...I chose the violin. It was partially because no one else in the family played it, so they couldn't tell me what to do, and also because it's SO pretty. Looking back I guess it sort of chose me. The warmth of the wood...the resonance of the strings...the way you have to hold it to you like a love.

I don't play much these days, though I keep Myrtle close. While writing this I took her out, tuned her up and practiced a bit. There's something about playing that feeds the heart and soul. I feel very lucky to have experienced playing in big orchestras and small chamber groups. I can't even explain the feeling. All that power and being surrounded by the music. The sounds coming off the strings and right into my heart, infusing me with wonder...nourishing me in ways I didn't even realize at the time.

Music is an amazing thing in that way. My Dad played in bands most of his life and even when very sick, music was one of the things that kept him strong. It really does have a mystical power that transcends reality. Whether you're producing or absorbing it. I'm in a much better mood when I put on music and sing along while getting ready to go out. It makes me feel more balanced, creatively and spiritually.


robin said...

I had no idea you were a musician! Wow! What a gorgeous instrument and fantastic photos!
Great post! :)

The Lion's Share said...

Yes! I played in school for 10 years...the musician stays in the soul no matter how long you're away from the instrument though :)

Augusto Monteiro said...

i cant believe that so beatiful woman plays too beautiful instrumente... i think classic music feeds the heart as folk music, i just read in your twitter... uve downloaded some irish folk music... n i really wanna hear these musics... if u can tell me.. my email is right down... or up... dunno... haha... but... great post... xx

The Lion's Share said...

Glad you liked the post, Augusto! The music I downloaded was actually sheet music...but it can be found here: thanks to a good friend who sent me the link :)

Augusto Monteiro said...

Thanks a looot for the site, n i really really liked it... im just so excited (ok... not that much :D) that ill listen those beautiful (or not) irish songs right now (05:21 am)... thank u again.
cheers (just waiting for a new post)